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How Counseling Can Help You

Therapy Helps People Who Are:

  • feeling stuck
  • stressed out, overwhelmed, or anxious
  • having difficulties making a decision or a change
  • wanting more joy and satisfaction in life
  • experiencing situational depression after a loss, break-up, life transition
  • feeling a sense of something missing or being unfilled
  • needing help with their grief process
  • caught in an old pattern of thinking and feeling
  • wanting help creating healthier patterns
  • needing help improving self-esteem and self-compassion
  • wanting to find work/life balance and/or feeling burnt-out
  • longing for more connection and better communication in their relationships
  • wanting to better understand relationship patterns
  • desiring to get clarity on a career path or make a career change
  • wanting to break patterns of co-dependency in relationships and learn interdependency
  • interested in learning better emotional intelligence skills
  • and much more…

How Our Therapists Help You:

  • our approach to counseling is different
  • we use a modern counseling approach for modern problems
  • we help people with regular, every-day life “stuff”, not just the big challenges
  • integrate Coaching into your Counseling sessions (Counselors are the original Coaches)
  • collaboratively, working with you during sessions rather than talking at you
  • interactively, with back-and-forth communication during sessions
  • focused on your individual needs, some people need to cry, others need to vent, others need tools
  • utilizing many theories and proven strategies to help you make changes
  • we are not “one-size fits all” using only one approach to help you, we use what is going to work for you
  • holistic in that we focus on your mind, body and Self (spirit)
  • we are relational, easy to talk to, and put all our focus on really “getting” you
  • provide hope that change is possible and that we believe in your strengths
  • help you uncover your authentic self who has the power to thrive
  • help you see your blind-spots and stuck places
  • encourage you to explore new perspectives
  • use curiosity and fun during your sessions
  • use Brain Science and Somatic Tools
  • research and evidence based approach
  • provide you lots of tools to experiment with and use outside of session

Check out more about our specialties below!

Therapy for Anxiety

Are you stressed out and overwhelmed? Does it feel like you might be stuck in anxiety, at least some of the time? We know how to help you reset your system for balance.

Relationship Counseling

Do you feel like your relationship needs more connection and better communication? Do you want better skills and understanding about healthy relationships? You have come to the right place!

Therapy for Depression

Are you feeling sad, isolated and not your usual self? Have you experienced a major change lately? Has the Covid pandemic turned your world upside down? We can help you thrive again.

Career Counseling

Wanting more work-life balance, feeling burnt out, need a career change that is more fulfilling? We love helping people figure out better ways of working!

Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Mindfulness tools can help re-wire your brain by strengthening your executive functioning and regulating your reactive monkey mind to help you reduce stress and find balance.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps people get out of stuck patterns of negative thinking, feeling, and behaving so that they can start thriving.

Therapy for Trauma

Research on the nervous system, including the brain and body, is providing even more tools for healing from past traumas and overwhelming situations. Fight, flight, and freeze are the nervous system's way of keeping us safe, but can become stuck.

Adult ADHD Counseling

What if we starting thinking about ADD/ADHD as an "attention difference" rather than a deficit? At Bozeman Counseling Center we love your ADD brain and give you tools to better help you and your brain thrive!

Grief & Loss Counseling

Grief and loss is something that all human being experience throughout life. There are many misnomers out their about how to best process grief and loss.

Favorite Quotes

“The greatest discover of all time is that a person can change her future by merely changing her attitude”

Oprah Winfrey

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”

Wayne Dyer

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