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Therapy for Trauma

The brain and nervous system research done in the last 30 years has given us new insight into understanding how stress, trauma, and adverse experiences impact our brain and nervous system functioning. Many times what we label as overwhelmed, stressed-out, or feeling anxious is our nervous system being stuck in fight, flight, or freeze. Somatic therapies help provide a framework for understanding how our brain and nervous system can get stuck and how to heal or “re-wire” these autonomic (automatic) reactive states. Brain based therapy also helps people develop greater focus and concentration to achieve greater levels of peak performance.

Using Somatic and Brain-Based Therapies you will learn and develop skills to help:

  • Identify when you are in Fight/Flight/Freeze and how to get out
  • Increase your window of tolerance for distress tolerance
  • Increase emotional regulation
  • Use breathing to calm your nervous system
  • Heal from past traumatic events
  • Reduce over-thinking
  • Use simple meditation techniques
  • Access Alpha brain-waves
  • Understand emotions stuck in the body
  • Strengthen Pre-Frontal Cortex
  • Peak performance skills
  • Increase focus and concentration

If you are ready to learn more about how to help your nervous system get “unstuck” and re-wire the brain’s pathways for greater resiliency and peak performance, reach out today!