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Counseling for ADHD/ADD in Bozeman, MT

At Bozeman Counseling Center we love working with neuro-diverse adult clients, including ADHD, ADD, ASD, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Alexithymia, and more. Our therapists who work with neuro-diversity are neuro-diverse themselves, or come from neuro-diverse families, and so we are in a unique position to understand and be able to provide the appropriate information, tools, and support to our clients.  We help our neurodivergent clients optimize their strengths and harness their “super-powers.”

Neurodiversity or neurodivergence, is a neuro-biological difference in brain and nervous system wiring that leads to many unique strengths and some tough challenges. We like to use the idea that ADHD/ADD is not attention deficit disorder but Attention DIFFERENCES!! ASD is not a disorder, but a unique way the brain processes information and interacts with the outer environment.

Neurodiversity looks different in adults than it does in children and can also look different for men and women.  Many times a person does not even know they are neuro-diverse until a major life event comes along and the old tools and ways of managing life no longer work. Many times a neuro-diverse individual will get misdiagnosed with a mental health condition like anxiety, depression, or OCD.  

Neurodivergent individuals can thrive when they get extra guidance and coaching to figure out the skills and tools needed to help them with their challenges.  We provide neuro-diverse counseling and coaching for adults ages 18+,which incorporates the following:

  • identifying personal strengths
  • exploring neurodivergent gifts
  • figuring out what tools are already working
  • development of specialized focus and life organization skills
  • kind, compassionate accountability check-in
  • work on rejection sensitivity
  • understanding masking/camouflaging
  • discovering ideal career options
  • symptom management for sleep and other concerns
  • tools for emotional regulation
  • understanding hyper and hypo arousal
  • development of new tools to help with life management
  • emotional intelligence skills
  • challenging of negative and distorted thinking patterns
  • relationship building skills
  • increasing self-worth, self-compassion

Counseling is talk therapy and involves client insight, motivation for change, and coming into sessions ready to process and solve issues.  Not all neuro-divergent individuals will be best served by counseling and may need a different level of care and treatment. We will let you know if this is the case and discuss other options that you can explore other than counseling.

If you could benefit from some this kind of counseling described above, we invite you to reach out to us!