Adult ADHD Counseling in the Bozeman, MT, Community

Being neuro-diverse can present its own set of challenges—however, these challenges do not make you less than anyone else. At Bozeman Counseling Center, we understand those with ADHD/ADD do not have deficits but rather differences and their own set of unique strengths. That’s why we offer adult ADHD counseling to individuals throughout Bozeman, Montana, and the surrounding areas.

We Understand You

What makes Bozeman Counseling Center stand out from other therapy clinics is that our counselors are equipped to understand our clients. Our therapists who work with neuro-diverse clients are either neuro-diverse themselves or come from neuro-diverse families. Therefore, you never have to feel uncomfortable or out of place when visiting our therapy clinic.

ADHD Therapy for Adults

We help develop your strengths and unlock your “superpowers” while also offering tools and techniques to manage the challenges you are facing. Our ADHD/ADD counseling incorporates the following:

  • Challenging of negative and distorted thinking patterns
  • Development of new tools to help with life management
  • Development of specialized focus and life organization skills
  • Discovering ideal career options
  • Emotional intelligence skills
  • Exploring neurodivergent gifts
  • Figuring out what tools are already working
  • Identifying personal strengths
  • Increasing self-worth, self-compassion
  • Kind, compassionate accountability check-in
  • Relationship building skills
  • Symptom management for sleep and other concerns
  • Tools for emotional regulation
  • Understanding hyper and hypo arousal
  • Understanding masking/camouflaging
  • Work on rejection sensitivity

Contact Us

Contact Bozeman Counseling Center to learn more about our adult ADHD counseling for clients in the Bozeman, MT, area. Don’t forget to ask us about our other top-tier counseling services.